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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Extend The Life Of Your Oil. Extend The Life Of Your Engine.

Are there any permanent modifications required to install the Gavarino system?

  • Absolutely NONE! We designed our system to be a bolt-on, removable system. Any fitting, hose, bracket, etc. that is needed to be modified comes with our kit. If you ever want to remove the bypass system, simply remove it and reinstall your original fittings.

How does the oil bypass system work?

  • The simplest explanation is that it works just like kidney dialysis; we’re taking a small amount of blood (oil) at a time, cleaning it (bypass filter), and returning it to your body (engine) with no harm done.  We syphon off 5%-10% of the oil from a pressurized oil port.  That oil is routed through our filtration system at a very slow rate to capture as many contaminants as possible.  We then return the filtered oil back to your engine to the non-pressurized side of the oil system.  Our system uses 1 to 2 lbs. of oil pressure from your primary oil system.  It’s a simple and continuous cycle that does not compromise the function of the primary oil filtration system.

Can I use this system to extend the life of my oil?

  • Yes you can.  Many industries worldwide use these types of systems just for that purpose.

Does this replace the stock oil filter on my vehicle?

  • No. This enhances it.

Where is the Gavarino system manufactured?

  • Our systems are designed and manufactured in Dayton, OH and we use a local foundry for all of our castings.

Why are Gavarino filter heads superior?

  • Most after-market oil filter heads have a 3/8” or less mounting wall. The Gavarino filter head mounting walls are 1/2” T6 aircraft grade aluminum, designed and cast at a local foundry in Ohio.

What kind of oil hoses are used in the Gavarino bypass system?

  • We use stainless steel covered PTFE Teflon hose, rated at 3,000psi and 450°F. Our hose ends are stainless steel and crimped. We do not use sub-standard, reusable hose end fittings.

What type of fittings are used in the Gavarino system?

  • Our proprietary fittings are manufactured out of 316 stainless steel and machined locally. Other fittings used in our system are carbon steel and plated with a zinc-nickel coating to our specifications.

What is the micron rating of the Gavarino oil bypass system filter?

  • The kit includes an Amsoil Ea bypass filter with an absolute efficiency of 98.7% at 2 microns.

Can I use another brand filter in the Gavarino oil bypass system?

  • Yes! Our filter heads are designed to accept another manufacturer’s filter. If you choose to do so, this will require a different adapter which we can provide for you.

How often do I need to change the bypass filter?

  • Amsoil recommends changing their filter every 600 hours, 2 years or 60,000 miles. If you choose to use a different manufacturer’s filter, refer to their recommended change interval.

Are your system components painted or powder coated?

  • Powder coated.

Visually, does the system blend in with the engine bay?

  • On certain models, the system is completely hidden. We have tried to find a happy medium by powder coating or anodizing our components so that it visually blends in with other components in the engine compartment. We have also removed any branding or labels in an effort to not call attention to the system when installed. 99% of our customers say it looks like a factory installed option. Check out our gallery for photos of installed systems.

How much does the system weigh?

  • We have streamlined the weight of our systems without compromising performance, structural integrity or safety. Our average system weighs 5.5lbs. The benefits far exceed the minimal weight of the unit.

How do I install the system?

  • Complete instructions with color photos and diagrams for each model are included with the individual kits. These instructions are very thorough, easy to read and customized for each particular vehicle model.  Absolutely everything you will need to install the system comes with the kit.

Is this system right for me?

  •  We hope so.  In an effort to help you make an informed decision, we have provided multiple sources for you to gather data (on our blog link) so that you can research and educate yourself on the benefits of these types of systems.  Ask any oil analysis expert, engine builder or trusted qualified mechanic and they will tell you the cleaner you keep your oil, the better off your engine will be.

What if I’m not 100% satisfied?

  • Each kit includes 2 sample bottles for you to conduct before and after oil analyses. If you are not satisfied with the results of the Gavarino oil filtration system, we will refund your money including the cost of the oil analysis.

When does my order ship?

  • Order processing usually takes up to 24-hours. You will receive an email notification once the order has shipped and that will include information to track your package.

Do you ship overseas?

  • Yes, we’ll ship your package anywhere that can accept deliveries.

Any questions?