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Extend The Life Of Your Oil. Extend The Life Of Your Engine.

Correlating Lube Oil Filtration Efficiencies With Engine Wear

SAE Paper # 881825 © 1988 SAE International. – This paper is published on this website with permission from SAE International. As a user of this website, you are permitted to view this paper on-line, download this .pdf file and print one copy at no cost for your use only. The downloaded .pdf file and…
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Bypass Oil Filtration

We receive many oil samples from clients who don’t understand what is required to run unusually long oil use intervals in their engines. The accumulation of wear metals, blow-by materials, and oil oxidation products in their oils is alarming. It has been our experience that one cannot simply add oil of a particular brand or…
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Gavarino Engineering Test Data

Below are 2 oil analyses results. The first document is virgin Brad Penn 10w/40 semi-synthetic oil, straight from the bottle. Any new oil is going to have particulates, some oils will have more, some will have less, none will be absolutely pure. The second document is the results from our Testarossa beginning December 2015. We…
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