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Gavarino Engineering Test Data

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Gavarino Engineering Test Data

Below are 2 oil analyses results.

The first document is virgin Brad Penn 10w/40 semi-synthetic oil, straight from the bottle. Any new oil is going to have particulates, some oils will have more, some will have less, none will be absolutely pure.

The second document is the results from our Testarossa beginning December 2015.

We installed our system on the Testarossa August 2016. Prior to installing our system, we conducted a particle count analysis in July 2016, which shows 111,089 of 4-micron particulates in 1ml of oil using a standard, stock filter.

After over a year and 3,250 miles of running our bypass system on the Testarossa, we conducted another oil analysis. As the test results below indicate, we saw a significant reduction (108,896) of 4-micron particulates in 1ml of oil, practically a 98% improvement, which is consistent with the data provided to us by our filter supplier, Amsoil.

Along with the test results, we have also included a chart that will help you interpret the ISO 4406 cleanliness codes and how that relates to understanding your oil analysis.

Understanding ISO Codes copy5 copy
Understanding ISO Codes copy2
Understanding ISO Codes3 copy2
Understanding ISO Codes3 copy 21
Understanding ISO Codes3 copy 2